Herbal Correspondence to the Major Arcana

Herbal correspondences for the Major Arcana in tarot can vary based on the practitioner’s beliefs and traditions. Here is a general list of some common herbal correspondences: (Not for internal use)

The Fool: Mugwort, Jasmine
The Magician: Basil, Bay
The High Priestess: Moonwort, Heather
The Empress: Almond, Marjoram
The Emperor: Pine, Thyme
The Hierophant: Frankincense, Benzoin
The Lovers: Rose, Yarrow
The Chariot: Ginger, Wormwood
Strength: Cinnamon, Lion’s Tail
The Hermit: Valerian, Mandrake
Wheel of Fortune: Calendula, St. John’s Wort
Justice: Bay Laurel, Geranium
The Hanged Man: Hemlock, Cedar
Death: Hellebore, Heather
Temperance: Angelica, Clary Sage
The Devil: Nightshade, Henbane
The Tower: Alder, Rowan
The Star: Star Anise, Starwort
The Moon: Willow, Wolfsbane
The Sun: St. John’s Wort, Marigold
Judgment: Frankincense, Benzoin
The World: Copal, Sandalwood.

2023 – BDT


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