Our Psychic Selves

Humans are a psychic species. We have innate abilities that some use, some ignore, some fear and some simply refuse to believe that any such ability exists.

Psychic sense becomes more tightly focused when you choose to develop and strengthen those abilities. Staying aware and recognizing the signs around you is a good way to begin.

The psychic Self remains open to the energies around it. It maintains a quiet vigil in the background, seeking subtle and not-so-subtle signals. Without the safety net of unrealistic words such as coincidence, the psychic Self understands that everything happens for a reason. How we respond to those signs and signals, inklings and hunches, is what keeps the psychic part of us in tune. When we start to ignore that hunch, or instinct, we shut off a tremendous asset when dealing with life, people, situations and emotions. Without those nudges from our psychic Self, we would drown in overthinking. Our psychic abilities are what keep us on track. All of us, whether we’re aware of it or not; at peace with it or not; accepting of it or not.

The basic psychic abilities include – reading of auras or energy fields every human possesses, empathic ability or feeling what others feel, astral travel or out of body experiences, bilocation which means being in two places at once, death notices or seeing/feeling/dreaming of an impending death, skrying or divination which allows a psychic to see into the future, mediumship, precognition and telepathy or transferring of feelings and emotions.

Not all psychics possess all the various talents and not all mediums are psychic. Often a psychic will possess some mediumistic ability because of the psyche’s ability to experience “extra” sensory phenomena.

The following describe experiences when a psychic has medium abilities –

Clairaudience – is that little voice that you hear on a frequency that no others can. It is the inner You that guides you and leaves you with impulses that tell you if you’re on track or not. We would be wise to listen to the inner voice. Guaranteed it has more scope of fore-knowledge than does our limited human self.

Often, clairaudience is the form that spirits will take as a “first step” to communication. A whisper directly in the ear, a nearly-textual image in the mind, a rhyme, etc. These are some of the experiences of a clairaudient.

It can also be one of the most startling of psychic experiences or talents. A frantic voice in your ear as you drift off to sleep, might be one example. Granted, clairvoyance can shake a body up, but hearing, in the human experience, is a powerful communication.

Clairvoyance – is the “sight”. Cliché as it may seem, the “I see dead people” whisper of the little boy with his face serious and fearful is strikingly similar to those of us who are clairvoyant. Seeing shadows, phantasms, spirit bodies, disembodied parts and floating heads, is an exhilarating experience for anyone interested in the topic, but for those who are not expecting such images in their lives, it can be heart-stopping in its way.

You experience clairvoyance in many instances in your life when you’re not even aware it’s happening. You may see someone on the street, be drawn to their face, turn away and when you turn back, they’re gone. You may see a shadow from the corner of your eye and when you look full on, it’s gone.

The easiest way for someone wanting to see a spirit is to look away. By averting your gaze, you allow the visual to form.

Clairsentience – is feeling the ghostly presences. A whoosh past the cheek, a cool draft, a brush, scratch, kiss or other type of touch isn’t uncommon for those with this talent. The clairsentient is going to physically feel the touch or vapors of a spirit being. They are able to smell odors on occasion that are familiar and coming from the memories of the spirit. Most people feel temperature change, but clairsentience feels it change sooner.

This particular talent is probably the most common among those who think they’re not psychic (everyone is) because a scent will become noticeable for a moment and then be gone. Recognizing that a message has been sent is important

Clairalience – is the talent of “clear smelling”. Pipe tobacco, cigarettes, pot, body odors, environmental cues, and perfumes are some of the experiences that psychics with this ability have had. This, as opposed to the other talents, can be very poignant, as smell is one of humankind’s most compelling senses. Our memories are closely associated with scents, aromas and smells.


Q – I got a reading done a few years ago and the man told me that I was psychic. Is there a way to be sure? How can I know?

A – Psychic ability can develop slowly though your life, or a sudden onset such as happens after an accident or out-of-body experience. Things can be confusing at first, but usually you have an idea that your sixth sense or psychic hunches are showing you a world not everyone has tapped into.

Journaling helps. Keep track of your thoughts, insights, hunches, visions and so on. Document the odder moments, so-called coincidences. Keep track of your experiences.

Read as much as you can about psychic ability, mediumship and similar topics. It seems that the teacher always shows up when the student needs them. Stay aware and have fun with it.

Q – I have weird experiences when I’m near people who are in pain or emotionally hurt. It’s like I hurt with them. What’s going on?

A – You’re an Empath – one who can feel the feelings of another. Both physical and emotional pain and joy. Once you’re aware of it, you begin to shield yourself when needed. Don’t forget to offload the energy of another. It’s not yours and so acts like a toxin. Hug a tree, walk in the grass, take a hot shower…whatever cleansing activity that works for you; use it and shed the energy you’ve taken in.

Q – I’d like to learn how to read Tarot cards. Is it just about memorizing the meanings of each one?

A – Learning the card’s meaning is important, yes, but remember that the longer you work with the Tarot, the closer you will become to them. The meanings and their nuances will become more and more familiar. You’ll find yourself “feeling” them, more than just regurgitating their meanings. The combinations, position and direction of the cards begin to blend for smooth and clear interpretations.

Copyright 2023 – J. Thompson


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